Technical Architecture and Energy

Architecture and edification engineering in Almería for business and private property

AFO (assimilated out of ordination)

In Arquiben Consultors we process the paperwork for you in order to obtain the AFO denomination for your property in an irregular situation.

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We offer our services in energy performance certificates from Albox to Almería and Andalusia

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We perform projects to refurbish your property in order to improve its conditions, reduce the energetic consume and the CO2 spilled to the atmosphere.

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Septic tank installation

We perform the septic tank installation and maintenance in order to obtain the A.F.O.



Construction technical reports

We write construction technical reports of your property condition, ir order to be used in claims or allegations.

Work management

We perform work management for any kind of building projects.
We ensure everything is done properly.

Activity technical projects

If you need an opening license for you business, we develop the activity technical project for the application.

Catastral formalities

We are specialists in giving you the information and advice that you need regarding the catastral formalities.

Plots and lands measurement

In Arquiben Consultors we make measurements, reports and certificates of rustic plots and lands ir order to request catastral certificates or to include them in the property registration office.

Property antiquity certificates

We offer property antiquity certificates so you can obtain your deed in a notary.

Real state valuation

We perform the valuation of your property, building or plot. We can guarantee the highest quality in your work.

Swimmingpool projects

We prepare the projects for your dream swimming pool construction. We make custom-made designs with garden area.

AFO in Almería

What does AFO means?

AFO (assimilated out of ordination) is a special regime by the ANDALUCIAN GOVERNMENT created as an attempt to regulate the situation of a large number of not completely legal properties.

What is it required for?

It is now increasingly required or enforced by local authorities for the following:

  • Access to basic services such as water and electricity
  • Municipal license for maintenance or building works, of any scale
  • Solicitors increasingly request it and can also be required for a mortgage
  • *Allow to register in the Land Registry
  • *Allow to issue over 6 years old building deeds



What does EPC means?
The energy performance certificate is an official document which includes objetive information
about the energetic characteristics of a building.
The energy performance certification process concludes with the emission of a certificate and the
assignation of an energetic label.

What is it required for?
The EPC is mandatory for a proprietary who wants to sell or rent a house, office or establishment. The public notary will require it for the public deed as a proof.



What does “energetic refurbishment projects” means?
It consist in the refurbishment of your property in order to improve its conditions throw the energetic
consume reduction in your building and the CO2 spilled to the atmosphere, trying to achieve 0
emissions. This allows you to save both energy and money.
What is it required for?

  • To replace windows and doors with others with better performance.
  • To increase the Thermal insulation in facades.
  • To install or replace machines or facilities with others with higher efficiency